CVS and Walgreens shoppin'

I'm a little burned out on shopping right now for some reason and that may be because our renovation projects are taking all my attention and wearing me out both physically and mentally. But, gosh darnit, I can't resist a good coupon and CVS tempted me this week with a $4 off $20 emailed coupon for DBF's card and then a $5 off 30 for mine and a $10 off $50 for him. Not sure I can make it to that $50 mark with the deals being so thin but we did get the "low hanging fruit" on Sunday. I'd like to think of this one as we paid $2.00 for 4 t-shirts and got everything else for free. Not bad....


  • StayFree pads, $3.69, used $2 CVS CRT = $1.69
  • Freestyle Lite glucose meter, $9.99, used $9.99 coupon from 5/17 SS = FREE
  • 2 Thermacare wraps, $2.49, used $1.00 coupon from 3/29 or 4/19 RP or printable coupon = $1.49 each
  • 4 t-shirts for $9.50 total
  • Pentel mechanical pencils (3 in a pack) clearanced for $0.75
  • Used $4 off $20 CVS coupon emailed to DBF
Final Price: $11.70, used $10 ECB and $1.70 on GC and got back $4.98 (for Thermacare).

Walgreens (all done in separate transactions!)
  • 3 Aquafresh toothpastes, $3.00 each, used three $1.00 printable coupons and got back $9.00 in RR = $3.00 moneymaker!


Tanya said...

I got the $10/$50 and the $5/$30 coupons today when I scanned my cards. I had to rework my transactions but was able to get up to those $$ amounts. You can always buy $20 of SoyJoy bars :)

ThriftyPuppy said...

I wish, but I think I threw those coupons away! I never do that but I remember reading comments that they didn't taste good and I was thinking "Oh, I'll never buy those". Drat!

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