Found Objects: peelies, hangtags and tearpads

If you're using my blog to find the latest grocery deals, then you probably have noticed that I have alot of coupons listed as "peelies", "tearpads" or "hangtags". These are coupons found on or near the product itself and they are often worth more than the coupons you get in the paper or online! If I'm in the store, DBF and I will quickly scour every aisle for these and snag them to use during a future sale. Remember....that's how you save the most money: by buying at the lowest sale prices AND using a coupon.

Also....make sure you check the liquor section. I find the best coupons hanging off the wine bottles!

Here's a list of the coupon treasures that I found this week. My favorites are the $2 off beef, $0.55 off Vlasic, and the Price Chopper $10\$25 gift card offer.


  • Sargento, $0.35 off any item (peelie)
  • Old El Paso, $1.00 off OEP refried beans when you buy 2 OEP products (peelie on dinner kits)
  • Old El Paso, free taco seasoning when you buy 2 OEP products (peelie on dinner kits)
  • Blue Bunny yogurt, get $10 Options card by mail when you buy 20 6 oz BB light yogurt cups (tearpad)
  • Cranergy, $2.00 off 46 oz Cranergy Energy Juice drink (hangtag)
  • Claussen, $0.55 off Oscar Mayer (tearpad)
  • Pompeian olive oil, $2.00 off 16 oz or larger (hangtag)
  • Tabasco, $1.00 off when you buy Cheez-Its 9 oz or larger (tearpad)
  • Nabisco crackers, $1.00 off when you buy 12 oz bag of Starbucks or Seattles Best coffee
  • Fryin Magic, $0.75 (peelie)
  • Da Vinci olive oil, $1.00 (hangtag)
Hen House

  • Pedigree Dentastix, $1.00 (blinkie)
  • Pop-Tarts, $1.00 off 8-count peelie (on fiber pop tart boxes)
  • Maple Grove Farms, $2.00 off 2 8 oz. dressings (tearpad)
  • Canada Dry, $1.00 off 3 1-liters (hangtag)
Price Chopper

  • $2.00 off beef (hangtag found on Sterling Vintner wine bottles)
  • $1.00 off reusable grocery bags (hangtag on Fetzer wine bottle)
  • Buy 10 qualifying Keebler\Kelloggs products in the same transaction and get $25 Price Chopper gift card (buy 5, get $10 GC) mail-in rebate (tearpad)
  • Hormel Chili Master, $1.00 (hangtag)
  • Hormel Always Tender or Natural Choice, $1.00 (peelie found on Always Tender tenderloins)
  • Hamburger Helper, $1.00 off ground beef when you buy 1 Hamburger Helper (peelie on HH boxes)
  • El Monterey, $0.50 off any product (found in freezer compartment with product)
  • El Montery Tornados, "try me free" rebate (peelie on package)
  • Hellman's, $0.60 off Hellman's or Best Foods 20 oz mayo (peelie found on Sargento cheese packages)
  • Vlasic, $0.55 off any item (hangtag on pickles)
  • Werther's Original, $0.50 off caramel chocolate originals (peelie on package)
  • Coke, free 20 oz diet coke when you buy 2 regular 20 oz Coke bottles (tearpad near registers)
  • Fanta, $2.00 off two 12-packs (peelie found on end of 12-packs)
  • Fanta, $1.00 off 4 2-liters (hangtag)
  • A & W root beer, $1.00 (peelie coupon found on 12-pack)
  • Hershey's, $0.25 off (peelie found on ??? package)
  • $1.00 off frozen pizza and magazine (hangtag found on Bella Sera wines)
  • Earthbound Farm, $0.55 off any product (tearpad)
  • Crystal Light, $0.50 when you buy 2 boxes or canisters
  • Miracle Whip, $1.00 off bread when you buy MW 18 oz or larger (tearpad)
  • Seagrams, $4.00 off 750 ml or 1L or $8.00 off 1.75L bottle (tearpad)
  • Gatorade or G2, $1.00 off 20 oz 8-pack or 6-pack (hangtag)
  • Welch's, $1.00 off 6-pack 100% juice when you buy 64 oz 100% juice (hangtag)
  • Dole, $1.00 off Dole blend, Premium baby blend, Complete Salad or Distinctively Dole salad (tearpad)
  • Babybel, $0.55 (tearpad)
  • Coke, $1.00 off when you buy a 20 oz and People magazine (tearpad near registers)
Hyvee gas station

  • Fuze Healthy Infuzions, buy 1 get 1 free (tearpad)
  • V8 V-Fusion, $0.75 off 12 oz bottle (tearpad)
  • Coke, $1.00 off 20 oz Coke and 2 Snickers bars tearpad (combine with those free Mars candy coupons!)
  • Powerade, $0.75 off 2 32 oz bottles of Powerade or Powerade Zero (tearpad)


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