HUGE Moneymaker at CVS!

Oh, here's a goodie from SouthernSavers! CVS has a deal this week where you can buy 2 Sunglasses and get $10 ECB. Some enterprising couponer has figured out that the lens cleaning cloths work as well!

This is posted as being the StyleScience or Car Care cloths that are $0.99 each. Just buy 2 of them and you'll get a $10 ECB, which makes it a $8.02 moneymaker! My CVS didn't have them, but they did have a different brand called Sun Covers so I decided to take a chance and they also work for the deal! This deal is limit 1 per card, so I did it twice (once for me and once for DBF's card).

I've included a pic of the front and back. I found these at the bottom of one of the sunglass racks but they may also be near the pharmacy by the reading glasses or eye care section. Keep an eye out for special displays. If you can't find the StyleScience, Car Care or Sun Cover cloths, it's been reported that the Style Science glass cases for $1.99 also work.


Together We Save said...

Thanks for the info and pictures. I am going to CVS at lunch today to see if they have any left.

cent_saving_mom said...

Thanks for the pic! I'm on my way out to check this out. Hopefully I'm not too late!

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