NEW! SunFresh Deals June 10 to June 16

NEW! So I decided to add something new to the blog this week because there are just enough XTRA good deals available at some of the other grocery stores (Sun Fresh, Apple Market and Thriftway0 in the area to warrant mentioning them. The bad news is that I often get my insert in the mail late. For example, it should have been here on Wednesday and I just got it on Friday. So I missed the big meat sale at Apple Market. Anyway, be prepared for me to be posting these late.

Sun Fresh (at least in the KC area) is owned by the same group that owns Price Chopper, so you'll notice alot of the same deals in both of the ads. The cool thing about SunFresh is that they double coupons up to 50 cents in face value (like Hen House), so you can take Price Chopper's deals and make them even better! Here's what I see this week at Sun Fresh:

  • Palermo's or Tony's pizza, $1.67
    Use $1.00 off 2 printable coupon for Palermo's
    Use $0.50 coupon for Tony's from 6/7 SS (doubles to $1.00)
    Final Price: $0.67 to $1.17, depending on item and coupon

  • Shedd's Country Crock spread, $2.49
    Use $0.50 coupon from 5/17 RP for Calcium Plus Vitamin D spread (doubles to $1.00) or
    Use $0.35 coupon from 5/17 RP (doubles to $0.70)
    Final Price: $1.49 to $1.79, depending on coupon

  • Lay's potato chips, $2.50
    Use $3.00 coupon from Pepsi Superbowl promotion (no longer available) or
    Use $2.00 off 2 peelie coupon found at Hyvee last week or
    Use $1.00 off 2 coupon from 4/5 SS
    Use $1.00 off Frito-Lay dip when you buy 1 Frito-Lay chip
    Final Price: FREE to $1.50 each, depending on coupon

  • Kraft mac and cheese, $0.79
    Use "buy 3 get 1 free" printable coupon
    Final Price: $0.59 each when you buy 4

  • Kool-Aid drink mix, 8 for $1.00
    Use $0.50 off 10 printable coupon (doubles to $1.00)
    Final Price: $0.25 for 10 or 2.5 cents each!
Saturday Only
  • Bi-color sweet corn, $0.30
  • Lettuce head, $0.79
  • Green bell peppers, $0.50
  • Tomatoes on the vine, $0.99 per lb.
  • Roberts orange juice, $0.99

  • Wonder classic bread, $0.99
    Use $0.55 peelies for Wonder or Home Pride found at Hyvee last week
    Final Price: $0.44

  • Dole greener selection, $1.50
    Use $1.00 tearpad coupon found at Price Chopper last week
    Final Price: $0.50

  • Breyer's ice cream, $2.99Use $0.75 coupon from 4/5 UN or
    Use $1.00 off 2 coupon from 5/17 RP
    Final Price: $2.24 to $2.49, depending on coupon


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