Party like it's 1981 at the Flea!

Residents of Kansas City know that the best place to get a burger is Westport Flea Market Bar and Grill at 817 Westport Road. It's a flea market, it's a burger joint, it's a place to hangout and shoot darts or pool, play trivia, listen to a live band, or just hang with your peeps.

And what better way to celebrate the Flea's 28th birthday than to roll in a 1987 GMC "burger mobile" (see the crazy thing above) and roll back prices to 1981. That's right, folks, you can get one of their famous burgers for $2.99 and a frosty beer for just 99 cents until closin' time tonight at 11 p.m.! Those prices definitely appeal to this thrifty pup so I'll be there tonight to "woof" mine down. (LOL)

BTW, I'm not affiliated with WFM in any way. I just like a good burger!


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