Schwan's: $5 off ANY order

Thanks, Hip2Save, for posting this great deal this morning. I love the Schwan's guy (uh-oh, now I'm in trouble for saying that!) I'm sure you've seen their big yellow trucks running around but if you've never tried their food, here's your chance. Right now, they're offering a $5 discount off ANY order on their website. Just enter code D5 when you checkout.

We've been Schwan's customers for years and love their food. While you may be able to buy comparable products a little cheaper with coupons and sales, you can't beat the quality and they even deliver to your doorstep. We have a regular visit every Tuesday from our Schwan's guy where he checks into see if we need anything. No shipping charges when you do it that way. Everything we've tried is delicious and we especially love:

  • real mashed potato nuggets (just microwave however many you want and voila! real mashed potatoes. Just add water or milk. I hate instant potatoes and these are REAL and so much easier than peeling and mashing yourself)
  • garlic toast (Texas-sized toast that's super garlicky - not for the faint of diet!)
  • chocolate marshmallow ripple ice cream(DBF would trample anyone including me for some of this. LOL!)

There's lots of stuff close to $5 in their online catalog which could make for some good deals. And, once you're a customer, you'll start getting other coupons as well. We just got a $10 off $60. DBF is trying to figure out now how to get that much marshmallow ripple in the freezer.


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