New Kraft Coupons and Rebates

I think Kraft is fast becoming my favorite company! First, they gave us all those great coupons earlier this summer (yeah, for CHEAP cheese!). Then they came up with the Kraft First Taste program. If you haven't seen this yet, I'd encourage you to check it out. You can register to get exclusive coupons for new Kraft products (some of these mean the products are FREE!)

And now they're at it again! They're a little early, but Kraft just announced a back-to-school promotion where you can get a Pack a Kraft Smile Savings Booklet and Calendar that will save you $55 throughout the school year. It includes two $20 rebates (no details given) and $15 in coupons for Nabisco, Planters, Capri Sun, Ritz Bits and Easy Cheese. This offer says "while supplies last", so get yours quick!


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