World's Fastest Rebate Award Goes to Behr Paint

The mailman left me a totally non-descript white envelope yesterday and I couldn't believe my eyes when I opened it and discovered my $40 Behr rebate. (Remember, I posted about the $5 off each gallon back in late June.) I submitted for the rebate online (which is awesome - I wish more manufacturers would do this). So I got the check in only 2 weeks!

I think I've mentioned the renovation that we're doing over the next 4 months. I've got the entire interior of an 1893 Victorian and the windows to do, so I needed lots of paint. We chose the new Behr Ultra product and LOVE it. I wish it had been available when we reno'd our house. The cool thing about the product is that it is both paint and primer, so you spend less time painting. And the coverage is one-coat.

Anyways....great job, Behr! This and the fact that they have great, durable, long-lasting paint keeps me a loyal customer.


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