Moneymakers, how I love thee

DBF and I headed back to Walgreens last night after I had so many problems with the RR printing for the Nutriserum on Sunday. No problems this time but, as we were waiting in line, he pointed out to me a handwritten sign taped to the front of the register that said "Please note that Register Rewards will NOT print if you use a manufacturer coupon on an item."

We were both using the $2.00 printable coupons for SoftSoap (no longer available), so we giggled as first my RR printed and then his. BTW, they're printing $4.00 RR's and not $3.99 so we made 2 cents more. HA! Why can't Walgreens managers understand their own policy?!?

Then we were off to KMart for Super Doubles. We were on a mission for one specific item and I was surprised to see the shelves well-stocked!

  • 10 Kellogg's cereals (Frosted Flakes and Froot Loops), 4 for $9.00 or $2.25 each
    Used 10 $1.00 off 1 peelie coupons (doubles to $2.00)
    Final Price: $2.50 + $0.14 tax = $2.64 OOP
I got 2 coupons with my register receipt: one for a FREE box of Kleenex and a second for $3.00 off my next purchase of edibles or consumables. So I basically got my money back with that second coupon. But gets better! Now I'm going to submit for the Kellogg's $10.00 Fuel for School rebate to make this a $10.00 moneymaker!

The rebate requires that you purchase 10 items in a single transaction, and I was afraid that we wouldn't be able to do this since Kmart's Super Doubles rules state that you can only buy 4 of the same item with coupons in the same transaction. No problem though!

There's a LOOONNNNNGGG list of great deals that you can get with Super Doubles this week and, rather than rehash it for you here, I'm going to send you over to Hip2Save's big doubles list and here's a link to all her Kmart related posts (including some great toy deals!) Also, don't forget about the $5.00 off $50.00 printable coupon. Good luck and happy hounding!


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