More Found Objects: Peelies, Tearpads, Hangtags and Blinkies

I went to my usual stores this week and, for some reason, they always have more coupons out. You'll want to keep an eye out for these:

Price Chopper

  • Snapple 6-pack glass bottles of tea or juice, $1.00 (peelie on green tea, expires 10/15/09)

  • Snapple tea 12-pack bottles, $1.00 (peelie, expires 9/1/09)

  • Freschetta pizza, $1.00 (peelie, expires 12/31/09)

  • Kellogg's cereal, $1.00 (peelie, expires 12/31/09)
    **These will come in handy for the Kellogg's Fuel for School rebate!

  • Nestle Toll House refrigerated cookie or brownie dough, $1.00 (peelie, 11/30/09)

  • Jet-Puffed swirl marshmallows, $0.50 off 2 (tearpad, expires 9/30/90)

  • Hamburger Helper, save $1.00 off ground beef when you buy 1 HH (peelie on HH, repeat coupon but has a new expiration date of 3/14/10)

  • Hawaiian Punch or Sunkist, $1.00 off one 12-pack or two 2-liters (peelie on Hawaiian Punch 12-packs, expires 8/31/09)

  • Shake and Bake, save $1.00 on chicken or pork when you buy 1 SB product (tearpad, expires 5/31/10)

  • Simply Asia, $1.00 off any SA product (peelie on noodle bowls, expires 12/31/09)

  • Coke 6-pack, 8-pack or twin-pack, $1.00 off with a $4.00 deli purchase (tearpad in deli, expires 10/31/09)

  • Red Baron singles, $0.55 (peelie, expires 3/31/10)

  • Lawry's marinades, $1.00 off meat or poultry when you buy 2 Lawry's (hangtag, expires 12/31/09)

  • Vlasic pickles, peppers, or relish, $0.55 (hangtag, expires 3/31/10)

  • Minute Rice, $1.00 off 2 any brown rice products (peelie on Ronzoni pasta, expires 12/31/09)

  • Kikkoman Teriyaki Takumi Collection, $1.00 (hangtag, expires 12/31/09)

  • Old El Paso seasoning, FREE when you buy 2 OEP products (green peelie on dinner kits, expires 2/27/10)

  • Old El Paso seasoning, FREE when you buy 2 OEP products (pink peelie on dinner kits, expires 5/27/10)

Hen House
  • Nothing!

  • Bic Soleil razor or 4-pack cartridge refill, $4.00 (peelie, expires 12/31/10)

  • Gillette Fusion or Venus embrace razor, $4.00 off ith purchase of 2-pack Fusion shave gel or 2-pack Satin Care shave gel AND either 4-count Fusion cartridge or 4-count Venus Embrace cartridge (peelie on Venus Embrace, Target coupon, expires 9/30/09)

  • Clearasil, $2.00 off Ultra Daily Face Wash, Ultra Acne Clearing Scrub, Ultra Vanishing Rapid Action Treatment Cream, Ultra Pimple Blocker Pen or Ultra Pore Cleaning Pads 90-count (peelie on Face Wash, expires 12/31/10)

  • Blade shave gel, $1.00 (peelie, expires 12/31/09)
  • Glade Lasting Impressions plug-in holder, $4.00 (peelie, expires 8/31/09)


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