Ready for Great Q's? Find ReadyFill at CVS

The rumors about a new coupon book available in the pharmacy in CVS are true! So next time you're in CVS, head to the pharmacy and ask about the ReadyFill program and the coupon book. The coupons, which are valid from August 2nd to September 12th, include:
  • TWO $4.00 off $20.00
  • $4.00 off $20.00 purchase of diet\nutrition products
  • $4.00 off $20.00 purchase of facial skin products
  • $4 off $10.00 purchase of vitamin products
  • $2.00 off $10.00 purchase of allergy products
  • $2.00 off $10.00 purchase of oral care products
  • $3.00 off $12.00 purchase of eye care products
My pharmacist was guarding these like they were gold. They didn't want to give me one until I proved that I had a prescription with them (luckily, I have an old one that I didn't finish the refills on!) I thought they were supposed to give you one just for asking about ReadyFill, so your mileage may vary. These are GREAT coupons - for example, you can use the $3.00 off $12.00 coupon for this week's Visine deal to make it a $5.00 moneymaker!


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