Signing off.......for now

As much as I hate to say it, my dear readers, it's becoming increasingly apparent that this house renovation that we're undertaking is consuming more and more of my time. We're under a serious crunch to get it done by mid to late October and just about every minute that we're not at work then we're at our other job (the house). I've been telling myself that I can keep up work, our house, the shopping, the reno and the blog and that it will be easier after October. But, for my own sanity, I think I need to let go of the blog until then.

I will miss you all, and I hope the blog has been useful to you since I started it in January. I've had a TON of fun posting the deals for you and reading your comments. Please keep me in your blog list, as I may post sporadically if I find some really good deals that aren't posted elsewhere. And I will be back permanently in November!

Happy hounding to you all!


coupongeek said...

You'll be missed! Good luck with your renovations! See you soon!


Anonymous said...

Good luck Sherry! Home renovations are something else. Dh still hasn't finished minor things in ours he started about 7 years ago and now he's talking about finally starting the summer kitchen/mudd room.. Heaven help us!! I'll be in my 50's before that gets done at the rate he finishes stuff. lol

Oh and thanks to linking to my binder article at WUC.

You can also find it over on my blog along with other couponing tips.


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