Walgreens 4-Day Sale August 19th through 22nd

If you've got Wags shopping to do this week, you might want to wait until the 19th because that's when the 4-day sale starts. Why is that important? Check out the advance ad above - spend $25.00 and get a $5.00 RR! Not sure if we'll be able to "roll" the RR or not, but that would work for some awesome deals. The $25.00 should be BEFORE manufacturer coupons.

TIP: For those newbies out there, "rolling" means that you do the deal once, get the $5 RR and then use it to pay when you do the deal again. So, on the second deal, you would have only $20.00 out of pocket (or less with coupons) and you'd get another $5.00 RR. If the RR doesn't "roll", the $5.00 RR won't print if you use the first $5.00 RR to pay. I guess we'll have to wait until some enterprising couponer tries it!


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