Chickie, bawk BAWK

Here's a great example of how you can combine sales with coupons to get a great deal. This week at Hyvee, this coupon in the weekly ad promises 1/2 off a rotisserie chicken. However, with the Coke twin packs not on sale (full price is $3.49), this isn't a great deal. That is...until you throw some good coupons in the mix. If you look in the deli, you should find a display with the Coke twin packs on them and there should also be tearpad coupons for $1.00 off with a $4.00 deli purchase. Since the Hyvee rotisserie chickens are normally $4.99, we meet that requirement.

But let's make it even better. If you've got a Hen House nearby, check their twin packs for peelie coupons for a FREE twin-pack when you buy 1 twin-pack.

Final Total: Rotisserie chicken 1/2 off ($2.49) + Coke twin-pack ($2.49 after $1.00 coupon) + Coke twin-pack (FREE after coupon) = $4.98 for all this!


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