Ho ho ho...It's Christmas clearance time, you know!

Let me start by telling you what a bad person I am. I dragged my dear, sweet boyfriend out in the snow with me over the weekend with the intent of just going to get some dog food at Target and some free Ivory soap at CVS. It seemed like a simple, innocent thing. But the Christmas clearance sections kept calling me and before I knew it, I had dragged him to Walgreens, Target, a couple of CVSes, Williams Sonoma, and Bed, Bath and Beyond. He's lucky that we didn't end up at Hobby Lobby also (it was closed).

Walgreens was awesome, though. They're usually cleared out, but we hit the Walgreens on Noland in Independence and they had a TON of Christmas candy and stuff. You can check out some of what we got in the pic above.
  • Santa and snowman salt\pepper shakes, $0.69 for the pair
  • 4 ceramic "Christmas stocking", $0.25 each (great Secret Santa gifts!)
  • 4 Christmas cookie cutters, $0.25 each
  • Queen Anne's chocolate covered cherries, $0.99
  • 2 shirt\lingerie boxes 4-pack, $1.25 each
I wasn't impressed with Target's clearance deals at all - I really though they would have some deeper discounts, but their prices seemed a little higher this year to start with. They had some cute wrapping paper but 20 sq ft at $3.99 is outrageous and even a 50% off sale didn't make it seem like that good of a deal. That is a SMALL roll! I did pick up some more shirt boxes at $1.00 for a 4-pack. Seems like we're always out of these, and I wish I had seen them before I bought the others at Walgreens.

CVS was no slouch either. Most of their Christmas stuff is marked 50% also. The candy was pretty well cleared out, but they have alot of stockings, lights and gift wrap left over. I used the $1.00 coupon that I found on the the Andre champagne bottles at Hyvee a couple of weeks ago to get the wrapping paper for $0.99 per roll (not pictured). I also picked up the miniature stockings for $0.50 each, thinking they would make great gift card or candy holders.

Bed, Bath and Beyond
Several weeks ago, I had stumbled across some red present bags at BB&B that were embroidered with "Smile if You've Been Naughty" and couldn't resist picking them up at $5.99 each. These were big hits over the holidays and really came in handy, since we have to haul a huge amount of presents to my mother's for Christmas. I doubt I could have even bought the material to make these myself for $5.99, so I thought it was great. But these are on sale for 50% off now, so I wanted to grab them for presents next year. The store we were at was out of them, so they called down to another store across town and had them hold their last 8 for us. Great customer service! You can see one of the green ones that I got in the pic above.

If you love Yankee Candles, this is the place to be. They've got all of the holiday scents and some non-holiday scents clearanced at 50% right now and there's a printable coupon for $10.00 off a $25.00 purchase. These make great gifts! Personally, I'm in love with the Christmas Cookie candles.

Williams Sonoma
WS is having their usual Christmas sale and there were some cute things there. However, my usual disclaimer is that you have to have a second income to shop there. My DBF has a fetish for expensive cutlery and stainless All Clad pans, so we buy all our stuff from there. They had the cutest measuring spoons and cups that look like miniature All Clad pans, so we HAD to get those. And I came across the Railway Cake Pan, which makes little cakes that look like a train when they're put together. Very expensive at $36.00, but I couldn't resist it either. We're frugal so that we can splurge sometimes, right? Isn't that adorable?


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