My totally frugal Tuesday

After 4 months of doing nothing but swinging a hammer and a paintbrush, my coupons are in complete disarray. My goal is to start off the new year with a completely organized coupon binder, all finances and tax documents in order, and a sparkling clean house. Doable, right? Maybe if I stay away from those darn after-Christmas sales.

I've just about got the coupons whipped into shape but it took most of yesterday and, in addition to feeling like I needed to pamper myself for a minute (okay, I just wanted some of those Christmas Cookie Yankie Candles at BBB), I also noticed that there are quite a few really good coupons expiring at the end of the month. I suppose now's the time for this:

WARNING! Check your coupons and don't let the good ones expire on 12/31!

So I set out on a VERY cold morning to see what I could get away with not paying for today. Ha! I'm not talking about shoplifting, of course. I'm talking about extreme couponing! Let me walk you through my day:

CVS #1
The pic above is both CVS trips combined. I picked up the $2.00 Biore moneymaker on my boyfriend's card, as well as the FREE Dawn Hand Renewal with Olay. I had one Home Made Simple $1.00 coupon for the Dawn, which made it FREE. The Biore was $1.00 after coupon, and I used a $0.99 ECB from last week.
Before sales\coupons: $9.98
Total OOP: -$0.01 + get back a $3.00 ECB = $2.99 profit!

CVS #2
This one had 2 rolls of the gift wrap I wanted (see pic above) and all their Christmas stuff is 50% off. That made it $1.99 a roll and I used my "$1.00 off any gift wrap" hangtag coupons from the Andre champagne . And, of course, I had to pick up the Biore moneymaker on my card. Oh, and a gallon of milk (not pictured). Used a $5.00 ECB to pay.
Before sales\coupons: $19.16
Total OOP: $1.17 on a gift card + got back a $3.00 ECB

Bed, Bath and Beyond
I headed here specifically for the candles and I was certain they'd be sold out. It actually looked like they had brought more out from the back and there were also different products - not just the tins and tumblers, but the reed diffusers, car hangies, etc. It was a virtual 50% off candlefest! The really small jar (the one on top in the pic) was originally $9.99 and the larger jars were originally $14.50 retail. You can do the math there on the discounted price. The $10.00 off $25.00 printable coupon worked for me with no problems.
Before sales\coupons: $53.48
Total OOP: $18.71.
This was the one part of my day that cost me serious money, but I'm thinking of this as early 2010 Christmas shopping.

Had to return a long-sleeved KU shirt that I won at the company Christmas party. The tag said it cost $25.00 originally (which I doubt, because who pays retail at Kohls??!!) I ended up getting the current price of $11.25 on a gift card, which is pure profit.
Total OOP: +$11.25 profit!

Hobby Lobby
Returned some cake decorating supplies that I ended up not using over the holidays. I always get so ambitious and then somewhere along the way something goes horribly wrong. Anyway, $6.00 and change back on my credit card. I took a minute to see if I could spend that money on some more Christmas crap, but the really interesting thing is that they were packing up the entire store! The Noland Road store in Independence is getting ready to move to their new location (they open up there on Friday morning) and they have a TON of home decor stuff (lamps, geegaws, plates, etc.) on sale for 66% off!
Total OOP: $6.99 back on my credit card. I guess I can't really count this as profit.

By now, I was getting hungry, so I swung by QuikTrip to get my FREE sandwich (coupon here - thanks, Hip2Save!). More snow is coming, so I decided to fill up the car and used a $10.00 gift card that I got for Christmas.
Total OOP: Big fat zero.

I've been wanting to see that movie "Paranormal Activity" because I missed it when it was in the theaters, since we were busy with the house. It's a new release for Redbox as of today, so I swung by Hyvee to pick it up. They didn't have it! So I checked Price Chopper and they had it, as well as "Angels and Demons". Did you guys like these movies? Used two FREE codes - see my post here to get the details.
Total OOP: Zip, zero, zilch!

On the way home, I hit the local A&W for a FREE rootbeer float - I found this coupon way back in June, can you believe it?
Total OOP: Nothing.

So there you have it...I paid nothing for gas, milk, entertainment and lunch. And I got a jumpstart on next year's Christmas shopping. What a day!


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