$5 Rebate on Glidden Paint at Home Depot

It's back! They did this last summer and I was really happy, since we needed like 20 gallons of paint. Right now, you can now take advantage of a new Glidden rebate: get $5 back on the purchase of any gallon or $20.00 for 5-gallon buckets of either interior or exterior Glidden paint purchased at Home Depot.

Unlike previous Glidden rebates, you're not limited to just one gallon or 5-gallon. You can buy as many as you want and get a rebate for each one. Just write the multiple UPC's on a piece of paper if you run out of room. I've done this before and they are VERY quick to get your rebate to you. If you need paint, this is an awesome deal!

Purchases must be made from Home Depot between January 14th and January 18th, and rebate requests must be mailed by February 17th to qualify.


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