$8 Profit for Buying Nothing?

Hi, everybody! I left my local CVS last night scratching my head over this one, but I guess I shouldn't sweat it because it came out in my favor. I had $6.99 in Extra Care Bucks that expired yesterday and, rather than left them expire and only be able to use them at the one store across town that accepts expired coupons, I decided to go in and do the Pepsi deal. Unfortunately, these ECB's were on my card and I've already maxed out the freebies and the bonus pack deals. (I've made like $56 this month between bonus packs and those $5 off $20 coupons!)

Anyway, I grabbed 4 bags of Tostitos - 2 restaurant style and 2 bite size rounds - and 2 jars of Tostitos bean dip. I had two of the tearpad coupons from Price Chopper for "get salsa\dip FREE when you purchase 2 bags of Tostitos." I was really careful not to grab the Tostitos scoops, since other folks were reporting that they didn't work for the deal. I think the total was $15.04 and I paid with $14 in ECB and the rest in cash.

I got really ticked with myself at that point because I was in such a hurry to get home and get our homemade chicken and dumplings ready for dinner that I forgot to use my $5 off $20! Aarrgghhh! And then I noticed that I didn't get my $10 ECB.

So I head back over and the cashier looks at the tag and says "it should have worked" but, instead of manually printing the ECB she told me to call corporate to figure out what's included. WTH? She also offered to give me a refund, which I took. She gave me back my $1.04 in cash and then put $23.xx on a CVS gift card. So I think what happened is that she also refunded me the coupon value for the dips, which were $3.69 (profit of $7.38 + tax!). While I didn't mean to do it, I basically turned $15.00 in ECB and turned the coupons into "cash" at CVS. Woohoo! I was getting worried about the number of ECBs that I had on this card, so this makes me feel a little less stressed.

I guess we can assume that only the restaurant chips and NOT the dip are on the ECB deal this week.


Lisa B. said...

I had cvs do that to me once. They refunded the amount of the coupons instead of just giving them back to me. Not sure why that is their policy, but that's what they told me.

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