Found Objects: Peelies, Tearpads, Hangtags and Blinkies

Every time I visit a grocery store (even if I'm going in for just a few items), I scour every aisle for coupons. The best coupons are often peelies (stickers on the product), hangtags (found hanging off the neck of a bottle - especially wine bottles!) or tearpads (pads of coupons found near the product shelf). Oh, and don't forget "blinkies" - those are tearpads that have a blinking light above them to get your attention.

This week, I found some pretty good Q's that are new, so you'll want to keep an eye out for these:

Hen House

  • Slimfast! snack bars, $1.00 (peelie, expires 12/31/10)
  • Daisy cottage cheese, $0.55 (tearpad, no expiration date)
  • Special K fruit crisps, $1.00 off 2 (tearpad, expires 2/28/10)
  • Pillsbury, $1.00 off 3 refrigerated baked goods (blinkie, expires 1/24/10)
  • Old London products, $1.00 off 2 (peelie on Melba Snacks, expires 1/17/10)
  • Dare foods products, $1.00 off 2 (tearpad, expires 3/31/10)
  • Master of Mixes bloody mary mix, satisfaction guarantee (hangtag on bottles)

  • Softsoap Ensembles pump or replacement base, $2.00 (peelie, expires 12/31/10)
  • Softsoap liquid hand soap refill 32 oz or larger, $1.00 (peelie, expires 6/1/10)
  • Chi-Chi's Fiesta Plates microwave meals, buy 2 get 1 FREE (peelie, expires 12/31/10)
  • Cheez-Its, $2.50 when you buy 2 packages of Crispix cereal (peelie, expires 1/31/10)
  • Kellogg's FiberPlus chewy bars, $1.00 off 2 (tearpad, expires 3/28/10)
  • Johnsonville, $1.00 off eggs when you buy 2 Johnsonville breakfast sausages (peelie on eggs, expires 3/31/10)
  • Tropicana Trop50 juice 59 oz or larger, $1.50 off 2 (peelie, expires 1/31/10)
  • Hungry Jack potatoes, $0.55 (peelie, expires 6/30/10)
  • Coke 20 oz, $1.00 when you buy 1 package of Extra gum (tearpad, expires 3/31/10)
  • One FREE child admission to 2010 Royals FanFest on 1/16/2010 (tearpad found in soda aisle)
  • LiveHealthyAmerica, use code LH23131B when you register to get $5.00 off registration fee (expires 3/1/10)
  • Stayfree, any product, $1.00 (peelie, expires ??)
  • Thera Tears, $2.00 (peelie, expires 12/31/13)

  • Coke or Powerade Ion4, any single serve bottle, $1.00 off when you buy Pringles (tearpad, expires 2/15/10)
  • Coke 20 oz, $1.00 off when you buy Nature Valley granola bars (tearpad, expires 1/15/10)
  • Pepsi, $1.00 off 4 2-liters (hangtag, expires 2/28/10)
  • Pepsi or Mountain Dew 20 oz, $1.00 off 2 (tearpad, expires 1/16/10)
  • $2.00 off any photo book up to $2.00 value (found at photo counter, expires 3/31/10)
  • 10 FREE 4" x 6" digital prints up to $2.90 value (found at photo counter, expires 3/31/10)
  • Multiple coupons in the "Special K Challenge $6 coupon booklet" including:
    - $2.00 on one gallon milk WYB 1 Special K cereal and 1 Special K cracker(expires 2/28/10)
    - $2.00 off produce WYB 1 Special K cereal and 1 Special K cereals bar, Bliss bars or Fruit Crisps
    - $2.00 off bottled water 12 to 24 packs WYB 1 Special K cereal bars, Bliss bars or Fruit Crisps AND 1 Special K protein shakes, protein meal bars, protein snack bars, or protein water mix
  • Kashi, $1.00 off any Kashi cookie or cracker (peelie, expires 3/31/10)
  • Kashi, $1.00 off Organic Promise Island Vanilla or Honey Sunshine cereal (peelie, expires 3/31/10)
  • Kashi, any frozen item, $1.00 (peelie, expires 3/31/10)
Price Chopper
We had to pick up Domino and the other furry members of our household from their doggy salon visit, so I didn't make it to Price Chopper yesterday. I'll update this with the coupons that I find there just as soon as I can (maybe Sunday?)

UPDATE 1/10/10: Go here to see the coupons I scored at Price Chopper and KMart. There are some GOOD ones at Kmart!


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