Found Objects: Peelies, Tearpads, Hangtags and Blinkies

Every time I visit a grocery store (even if I'm going in for just a few items), I scour every aisle for coupons. The best coupons are often peelies (stickers on the product), hangtags (found hanging off the neck of a bottle - especially wine bottles!) or tearpads (pads of coupons found near the product shelf). Oh, and don't forget "blinkies" - those are tearpads that have a blinking light above them to get your attention.

This week, I found some pretty good Q's that are new, so you'll want to keep an eye out for these:

Hen House

  • Coke, $1.00 off 1 twin-pack or two 2-liters AND $4 purchase from deli, frozen, meat or produce departments (tearpad, expires 5/31/10)

  • Pillsbury cookie dough, $1.00 off milk when you buy 2 packages (tearpad, expires 4/30/10)

  • Pillsbury refrigerated baked goods (crescent rolls, etc.), $1.00 off 4 (tearpad, expires 4/30/10)

  • Williams seasoning mix, any variety, $0.25 (peelie, expires 3/30/10)

  • NutraTaste Gold sweetener, $0.40 (peelie, expires 9/1/11)

Price Chopper
  • Chex cereal, $3.00 off 3 (peelie, expires 10/16/10)

  • Pillsbury Easy Frost frosting, (hangtag, expires 4/30/10)

  • Stove Top Stuffing, buy 4 and get one FREE (tearpad, expires 5/1/10)

  • Sesmark, FREE product up to $3.50 with the purchase of 2 Cabot cheese products (peelie, expires 2/28/10)

  • Multiple coupons in hangtags on Frontera wines:
    - Tribe hummus, $1.00 (expires 7/31/10)
    - Pretzel Chips, $1.00 off 2 (expires 7/31/10)
    - Blue Ribbon Orchard Choice figs or Sun-Maid california figs, $1.00 (expires 7/31/10)
    - RyKrisp crispbread or crackers, $1.00 (expires 7/31/10)

  • Box Tops for Education 50 Bonus Box Tops mail-in request form; requires the purchase of 8 participating Boxtops products in a single shopping visit between 1/11/10 and 2/14/10.

  • Pillsbury pizza crust, FREE when you buy 2 Hormel pepperoni 8 oz in a single shopping trip between 1/27/10 and 2/2/10 (tearpad, expires 2/2/10; this is a Hy-Vee coupon that can be combined with manufacturer coupons!)

  • DiGiorno Rising Crust pizza, $1.00 off 2 (tearpad, expires 3/31/10)

  • Keebler Zesta crackers, get FREE soup, chili or tuna (up to $1.00) WYB 2 Zesta packages (tearpad, expires 5/15/10)

  • Odom's Tennessee Pride, any product, $1.00 (TP rep was there handing these out, expires 4/30/10)

  • Cheez-It Duoz, $0.75 (tearpad, expires 4/15/10)

  • Rachael Ray Nutrish dog food, 6 lb bag, $1.00 (peelie, expires 6/30/11)


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