Goodbye, January!

It's hard to believe that the end of January is here already, isn't it? I'm embarrassed to admit that, even though we FINALLY took the Christmas tree down over a week ago, it is still sitting in its storage bag in the middle of the parlor. I've made it my mission to get that sucker back down in the basement this week.

January was a good month. I'm now back full-on into bloggin' and houndin' after several months off for the renovation and then the holidays. I thought we did really well even though our stockpile is so stuffed that we didn't take advantage of alot of the deals. (That's not a bad thing to have to say, is it?) We were able to give alot of stuff to our neighbors and friends that need the help in this economy, and I have a huge pile to donate to the local women's shelter.

Total Retail of Groceries\Merchandise: $1,389.25
Total Out-of-Pocket: $145.11

Total Saved: 89.6%

And now I'm off to kick January out the door by making Rice Krispies with my honey out of FREE marshmallows and Rice Krispies. Yum!


Pietro said...

OK, your site rox. I'm saving $$$ thanks to you.

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