Get All You magazine just $0.67 per issue

If you've been following my weekly grocery and drugstore matchups, then I'm sure you've seen me reference coupons from the All You magazine. But what the heck is it and where do you get it?

What the heck is it?
It's a magazine chock full of recipes, craft ideas, organization tips and, best of! Tons of coupons.

Where can I get it?
It's available at Walmart for sure. I still have never seen it for sale anywhere else. I started subscribing last year and love it, because the coupons are usually higher in value than what you get in the weekend inserts and there are some that you never get in the inserts.

But Frugalistas like us don't want to pay full price for a subscription, right? Then check out this deal being offered by Campus Fundraising where you can get 40 issues for $27.00. That's just $0.67 an issue, which is the cheapest offer I've ever seen on this magazine! You will definitely make that back just by using the coupons that are included.

(Thanks, SwagGrabber!)


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