I'm a Crew Member on the Blog Boat

*cue the Love Boat theme music*

I'm excited to tell you about this new site that I'm a part of called The Blog Boat. You may have noticed the new button for it over on the right hand side.

Sheri over at SwagGrabber has been busy as a bee putting this all together for us. When I first got started with extreme couponing, I spent alot of time trying to find blogs that I liked and, especially, those that were local to me and carried the local grocery store deals. That's where the Blog Boat comes in! It's a searchable database of couponing and frugal blogs ONLY where you can search by different characteristics such as state or stores that the blog covers regularly. There are about 60 blogs listed right now including yours truly.

If you're a blogger as well, you might want to consider listing yours as well. In addition to the publicity, you'll also get tips on monetizing your blog, advertising, and other great stuff!


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