Is a Walgreens Loyalty Card on the Horizon?

Oh, say it isn't so....CVS kicked Walgreens butt during the last quarter of 2009 so Walgreens is trying to figure out ways to stay on top. They didn't ask me, but I can think of some ideas for them. How about having a consistent WRITTEN coupon policy that all the staff are trained on? Oh, and how about extending the expiration times on those Register Rewards to 30 days.

Walgreens CEO Greg Wasson recently gave an interview to Reuters where he said something VERY interesting: "One strategy that could help drive sales is a loyalty card. Walgreen plans to test different loyalty strategies, all including cards at first, in three to four unnamed markets this spring..."

Personally, I'd hate to see Walgreens institute a loyalty card program like the Extra Care Card program that CVS has. Even though CVS is my favorite, the limits on the deals drive me nuts.

What do you think?


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