Missourians Overtaxed on Coupon Usage?

Did any of you catch this story that aired this morning on KSHB? Apparently Missouri changed its law back in 2007 so that retailers could charge tax only on the amount paid on an item (in other words, AFTER coupons). I'm flabberghasted because I definitely have noticed a discrepancy on what I've been charged tax on between different stores. The story lists some of the stores that aren't charging correctly and it includes Hen House, Save-A-Lot and Westlake!

Perhaps the most interesting line in the whole story is the last one: "For now, stores don't have to issue refunds but they do need to update their cash registers." This is a really interesting dilemma because the stores have sent off the sales tax to the state. To issue refunds to customers, the State would have to do it. What would the process look like for that? With literally hundreds if not over a thousand receipts dating back that far, I can't even imaging having to apply for a refund. I wonder how much I'd get back?

I'd love to hear your comments on this story. Do you think we should get refunds? How do you think it should be handled?


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