My sweet and frugal Valentine

I love roses, but I hate thinking about how much they cost - especially if you look at the prices in the stores right now around Valentine's Day. I'm seeing a dozen roses at around $20 to $24 right now.

But look what my hunny bought me for V-Day and he only paid $3.99 for these at Save-A-Lot! Too bad my good vases are packed away right now and I can't find them. They're still beautiful, though.

(Thank you, honey. I love you more than you can possibly know!)


kc said...

What a great deal and treat! I warned my DH against buying overpriced flowers as well, they are so pretty, but to pay double for one day.. just seems ridiculous. I would rather get a bunch on some random day when he finds a good price and is thinking of me, rather than on the forced one day of year he is "supposed" to buy flowers...

That said.. my son loves all of his goodies, but of course his little stuff was picked up after valentines day last year or from target's 75% toy clearance, so super cheap, but still fun!!

ThriftyPuppy said...

Oh, I agree that the best presents are unexpected ones! And thanks for pointing out that planning ahead with after-holiday sales is the cheapest way to get great gifts for not alot of money. You just have to have the storage space for it. I've got several containers worth or Christmas presents already for later this year!

Together We Save said...

That is so sweet!! Happy Valentines Day.

slugmama said...

Great deal on those roses!
Aren't you glad your DH appreciates a deal?lol

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