New Childrens Activity Book at Walgreens

Word's out that there's been a sighting of a new Children's Activity Book at Walgreens! These are elusive creatures (I have yet to ever find one here in Kansas City), so keep your eyes peeled. These are great because not only do they have fun activities to keep the kids entertained, but they are also chock full of stackable Walgreens coupons. The booklet is $0.99 and contains the following Q's:

$1 off any Crayola
$1 off any Gerber
$1 off any Band-Aids
$1 off any Johnson & Johnson
$1 off any Children’s Be Kool
$1 off any Maalox
$1 off any Motrin
$1 off any Triaminic
$1 off any Tylenol or Pediacare
$1 off any Nix
$1 off any Kids Orajel
$1 off any Huggies Jumbo Pack
$1 off any Comfort Scanner
$1 off any Flintstones Chewables
$1 off any Zooth
$1 off any Nix
$1 off any Pediasure NutriPals

(Thanks, Money Saving Madness!)


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