The Oreo Cookie Monster

This is such a great deal that I thought I would pull it out into its own posting so you don't miss it.

Nabisco cookies and crackers are on sale this week for $0.99 at Walgreens. Yesterday, I found a coupon for "FREE Cakesters when you buy regular Oreos" at Hen House on an endcap display. This couldn't have been any better timing, because check this out:

ThriftyPuppy's Oreo-Lover's Scenario:
Buy 2 Oreos 5 oz (small package) for $0.99
Buy 2 full-size Oreo Cakesters package = $3.00 each?
- Use the $1.00 off 2 coupon from the 12/13 RP or the Nabisco $55 Back to School book
- Use the "FREE Cakesters 5 oz or larger (up to $3.29) when you buy Oreos 5 oz or larger" tearpad coupon found at Hen House this week
Final Price: $0.99 for 2 small packages of Oreos and 2 boxes of Cakesters!

DBF is in hog heaven over this, let me tell you.

Completely off-topic comment: Is it just me or is anyone else disturbed about the fact that some stores are now trying to pass off the red creme Oreos from Christmas as Valentine's Day Oreos!?!?


phaedras said...

They need to blow those things out at clearance prices, if you ask me.

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