Walgreens Photo Deal #1: $1.99 Magazine Cover

I don't know how I screwed up my earlier post about the Walgreens 7 Days of Photo Deals, but I did. Chalk it up to being early and me not having my coffee. Anyway, it does NOT start tomorrow. It starts today!

Today's deal is a customized 8" x 10" magazine cover for $1.99. These normally retail for $5.99 and could make a really cute gift for someone.

You get to pick from "ESPN Baseball", "Life Style", "Dog Fancy", "Baby Talk", "Nascar Illustrated", "TV Guide" and others. Just upload your picture and use the code COVERIT at checkout. These are in-store pickup only.

Check out the ThriftyPuppy struttin' his stuff on the cover of Dog Fancy. This is pretty much the look I get every time I'm trying to eat something.


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