February Shopping Totals

I just realized that I forgot to post my totals from last month. I think February was the "worst" month we've had since I started extreme couponing. That is, if you can call 70% off a bad month. With both freezers and the pantry stocked (and another in the works in the basement), we ended up just maintaining. Alot of the stuff we bought were items that we needed but don't have coupons (like hamburger, produce, milk, and other staples).

Total Retail of Groceries\Merchandise: $575.77
Total Out-of-Pocket: $173.63
Rebates submitted: $19.49

Total Saved: 69.8%

I also didn't do much drugstore gaming in February (I was a little burned out, especially with the pain that Walgreens has become.) My goal is to get back in the "game" and work on those moneymakers in March!


phaedras said...

You better get down in the basement and wire up an outlet for that new freezer!

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