FREE KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce at Country Mart

Country Mart has the 18 oz. bottles of KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce on sale this week for just $0.89. So, if you use the $1.00 coupon from this weekend's (3/14) Smart Source insert, you'll get them FREE plus possible $0.11 overage!

Country Mart is located in Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma. Not sure if you have a location near you? Click here to find the closest store.


Annie Jones said...

This is a great deal, but I think I'm more excited about the Country Mart link. LOL!

We have one just down the road a few miles, but their ads aren't included in the grocery ads we get delivered each week. Last time I checked, their ads weren't online (admittedly, it's been a while since I checked.) I'm glad they're online now!

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