Kraft First Taste: FREE Philadelphia Cream Cheese Minis

Are you a Kraft First Taste member? If so, login and see if you've got a new offer for a FREE package of new Philadelphia cream cheese minis (up to $2.29). The offer says:

"Now it's so easy to spread a little PHILLY wherever you go - with new PHILADELPHIA minis. The same delicious flavors and creamy smoothness you love in the big tubs, now come in packs of 4 individual 1.25 oz. snap-apart Minis. So handy you can spread a little PHILLY anywhere!"

As always, these offers are while supplies last, so get your coupons now!.

If you're not a member, you can sign up for FREE. Please note that new members will probably just get a $1.00 off coupon the first time and then you'll start getting the freebie offers. All they ask in return is that you complete a short survey about your experience with the product. So far, I've gotten FREE pizza, Oreo Cakesters and other great freebies, so it pays to sign up!


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