Swagbucks: $1.50 Ore-Ida Q and Other Good Stuff

There are several ways to get more Swagbucks right now. First, check the Swagbucks Blog for info on how to upload your photo to your profile and get 16 Swagbucks.

Then take a minute to review the Special Offers and get 3 more Swagbucks. You'll find these on the Swagbucks home page on the left-hand side. Just skip through them until you get to the end and you'll get a Swagbuck code.

Finally, while you're looking at the Special Offers, keep an eye out for an offer for Ore-Ida potatoes. All you have to do is provide your information and then you'll be redirected to coupons.com to print out a coupon for $1.50 off 2 Ore-Ida products. That's a high value coupon! Don't forget to hit your back button in your browser and then refresh to print a second copy. (HINT: I had to go through the special offers a second time before I got the Ore-Ida one!)

Not a member of Swagbucks yet? Just go here and sign up. It's an easy, FREE way to earn Target gift cards and other great prizes!


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