A Baker's Dozen

I panicked. I always do when I get a ton of Register Rewards from Walgreens. After all the Ducolax, Simply Saline and vitamin deals last week, I ended up with over $30 in RR and I just dread rolling those. They expire in 2 weeks or less and Walgreens is such a pain to deal with. So I wanted to try what Frugalsuz has posted about - rolling the Register Rewards into gift cards. And how convenient that Walgreens gave me the Frixxion pen deal to use as convenient "fillers"!

I won't bore you with the 4 transactions, but the summary was that I spent $2.41 out of pocket including tax for 12 packs of pens, rolled the RR's onto one $10 gift card (my first test) and a $20.00 gift card, and will submit for the $4.50 rebate in my name and DBF's (the form is on the back of the pens as shown in the pic). So, when all is said and done, they paid me $6.56 to buy all those pens. And they're nice pens, too! How cool is an erasable highlighter!?


Jen said...

Awww...I need details lol. They didn't hassle you about using RR's to buy gc's?

Sarah said...

Which store did you go to? Glad it worked out for you!

ThriftyPuppy said...

No hassle at all! I was really expecting it, which is why I tried it with the smaller gift card first. You should have seen me working myself up to walk up to the register and try it.

Sarah, it was the midtown store. They seem to be pretty indifferent to coupons and never hassle me like the store on Noland in Independence. I know I would have struck out if I tried it there. I think the trick is just to make sure you have a filler item that the RR's attach to (just like normal). Hope that helps!

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