CVS Trippin': CVS Sunscreen Profit

I headed out after work yesterday to see if I could find any of the CVS Sunblocks that I posted about earlier. I wanted to roll some ECBs while I had the chance this week and the small profit didn't hurt either. I was surprised to find 4 of them, since it looked like a plague of locusts had gone through the regular sunscreen section. So I snagged all 4 of them. First transaction on my card:

  • Bought 2 CVS 2 oz Sunblocks at $2.19 each
    Final Price: $4.38 (paid with $4.49 ECB) and got back a $5.00 ECB = $0.51 profit!
That was so much fun that I bought the other two on DBF's card. Total profit = $1.02!


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