CVS Trippin' on a Sunday Afternoon

I don't have my May edition of All You magazine yet, so no fun stuff for me other than the mega-profit from getting my prescriptions filled. Here's what we got while we were waiting on the pharmacy:

  • 2 Thermacare single-count, $2.49 (there's a $1.00 Q, but it wouldn't print)
  • Green bag tag, $0.99
Final Price: $5.98, paid for entirely with Extra Care Bucks, and got back $5.98 in ECB's ($4.98 for the Thermacare and $0.99 for the bag tag) = FREE!

Rinse and repeat on DBF's card. He also got $1.00 for using his green bag tag 4 times, so $1.00 profit!

I'm lovin' that green bag tag. I've got 4 of them now with these 2 news ones, so no excuses for not remembering to use it. In fact, I could make earrings out of them. Okay, now I'm just being silly....


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