Found Objects for the Weekend of April 10th

Every time I visit a grocery store (even if I'm going in for just a few items), I scour every aisle for coupons. The best coupons are often peelies (stickers on the product), hangtags (found hanging off the neck of a bottle - especially wine bottles!) or tearpads (pads of coupons found near the product shelf). Oh, and don't forget "blinkies" - those are tearpads that have a blinking light above them to get your attention.

It wasn't a good weekend for coupon-findin', but we did some score some pretty good rebates. I think I can use existing receipts for most of these. Anyway, here's what I found this week (keep your eyes peeled for these!):


  • Kings Hawaiian product except 4-pack dinner rolls, $0.40 (tearpad, no expiration)

  • Pillsbury Brownie Minis brownie mix, $0.50 (peelie, expires 4/30/10)

  • New York ciabatta garlic loaf, $0.55 (peelie, expires 8/31/10)

  • Red Baron By the Slice, $1/00 (tearpad, expires 6/30/10)

  • Jack Daniel's snack and ginger ale rebate ($2.00 off $2.01 ginger ale purchase and $3.00 off $3.01 "snack" purchase my mail; expires 4/30/10)

  • Spectrum Essentials, $2.00 (hangtag, expires 8/31/10)

  • Multiple coupons in "Spring Savings" booklet (all expire 4/25/10):
    - Nature Valley granola bars, $1.00 off 2
    - Nature Valley granola nut clusters, $1.00
    - Fiber One 90-calorie chewy bars, $1.00
    - Betty Crocker Fruit by the Foot, Fruit Gushers, Fruit Roll-Ups or Fruit Stickerz, $1.00 off 2
    - Hamburger Helper, Tuna Helper or Chicken Helper, $1.00 off 3
    - Betty Crocker potatoes, $1.00 off 2
    - Wanchai Ferry frozen entrees, $1.00
    - Yoplait yogurt, $1.00 off 8
    - Chocolate Cheerios, $1.00
    - Bisquick or Bisquick Heart Smart baking mix 40 oz or larger, $1.00
    - Wheaties cereal, $1.00
    - Fiber One cereal, $1.00
    - Toaster Strudel, $1.00 off 2
    - Yoplait Delights yogurt multipack, $1.00
    - Betty Crocker Warm Delights, $1.00
    - Yoplait frozen smoothie, $1.00
    - Pillsbury refrigerated cookie dough, $1.00 off 3
    - Betty Crocker cake mix and Betty Crocker frosting, $1.00 off wyb both
    • Price Chopper
      • Ocean Spray juice drinks or any mixer, $3.00 mail-in rebate (hangtag on Smirnoff bottles; no alcohol purchase required in MO or IN; expires 7/5/10)

      • Michael Angelo's 8 to 20 oz entree, $1.00 (peelie, expires 5/31/2011)

      • Oscar Mayer pepperoni, $1.00 off 2 (tearpad, expires 9/30/10)

      • Planters products 9 oz or larger, $1.00 off 2 (peelie, expires 9/30/10)

      • Mann's veggies, $0.55 (peelie, expires 12/31/10)

      • Multiple coupons in peelies on Dole salads (all expires 9/30/10):
        - Hormel bacon topppings, $0.50
        - Dole salad blends or kits, $1.00 off 2
        - Marzetti salad dressing, $1.00

      • Earthbound Farm mixed baby greens, $1.00 off wyb any other Earthbound Farm product (peelie, expires 5/31/10)
      • Chi-Chi's Fiesta Plates microwave meals, buy 2 get one FREE (peelie, expires 12/31/10)

      • Betty Crocker boxed potatoes except Potato Buds, $1.00 off 2 (peelies, expires 4/31/11)

      • Tyson entrees, FREE Kings Hawaiian rolls 4-pack wyb 1 Tyson entree (peelie on Tyson, expires 5/31/10)

      • Jameson Irish Whiskey, $5.00 mail-in rebate on any beer wyb Jameson (hangtag, valid in all states except AL, HI, IN, MS, TX and UT; expires 4/30/10)

      • Multiple mail-in rebates in hangtag on Bacardi bottles (expires 6/30/10)::
        - $2.00 off one bottle of club soda wyb one 750ml or larger bottle of Bacardi (no liquor purchase necessary in MO or IN)
        - $2.00 off one bag of ice wyb one 750ml or larger bottle of Bacardi (no liquor purchase necessary in MO or IN)
        - $2.00 off produce wyb one 750ml or larger bottle of Bacardi (no liquor purchase necessary in MO or IN)
      • Pepsi Max 2-liter, FREE wyb Doritos tortilla chips 11.5 oz or larger (hangtag, expires 5/31/10)


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