Halle MoneyMaker at CVS

As I'm sure you know, CVS currently has a deal this week for $5.00 Extra Care Bucks when you buy Halle fragrance. If you can find the small 0.17 sampler cards for $4.99, they're FREE after ECB. But check this out.....while I was waiting for my prescriptions, my enterprising hunny was off scouring the aisles for coupons and deals and he found something that turns this Halle deal into a moneymaker.

The 2-piece gift sets have a coupon inside them for $5.00 off the purchase of any size Halle or Pure Orchid by Halle fragrance. Use this coupon to pay for the sampler card and get back the $5.00 ECB = $5.00 profit!

Now, before you flame me....I didn't find out until we were out of the store that he had opened the box and taken out the coupon. I do not personally condone doing so. Peelies are one thing, but opening a box is different. However, I am posting this deal just in case you have the 2-piece set or want to buy it as a present. If you're buying the gift set, then I think it's OK to take the coupon out.

Did you find the sampler card? (I haven't yet.) If you have, would you be willing to share a photo with everyone?


djsmokybacon said...

A: The coupon had all but fallen out of the box to begin with.
B: The box wasn't sealed in any way, so it's not like I did any damage.
C: Perfume doesn't spoil or go stale. So it's not quite like cutting a rebate form off a full milk carton or something.

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