In the Mail this Week

It's been kind of a slow mail week this week, but there were a couple of goodies in my mailbox. What'd the mailman bring you?

Redplum weekly mailer

Do you get these in the mail? This week's Redplum newspaper had some great Q's in it, so don't just throw it out! There was a $0.40 coupon for Colgate toothpaste, Palmolive, Colgate Wisp, Irish Spring bar soap or body wash, Suavital or Fabuloso (expires 5/31). And a little coupon booklet with Frappe coupons from McDonalds, including 2 coupons for a FREE medium McCafe Frappe with any other purchase (excluding dollar menu) and two $1.00 off coupons for Frappe. These also expire on 5/31.

Home mailer from Home Depot

Basically a sheet of coupons good at Home Depot only through 5/23/10, including:

  • Spectracide insect killer 128 oz, buy one get one FREE

  • Scott's Turf Builder, $3.00 off 5M bag, $6.00 off 10M bag or $9.00 off 15M bag

  • Kingsford competition briquettes or mesquite briquettes, $2.00 off

  • Clorox Pro Results Outdoor Bleach 32 oz or larger, $2.00 off
Home Mailer from Bank of America with Mastercard offers

I just looked at these and they are NOT Bank of America specific, so you can take advantage of these if you have any Mastercard. All offers are valid through June 30, 2010.

  • $10.00 off a purchase of $39.99 or more when you pay with Mastercard. Use code 8MAST at checkout.

  • 25% off any Loft in-store full-price purchase or an online purchase of $100 or more at when you pay with Mastercard. Use code 106020181 at checkout.

  • 15% off any purchase at World Market or when you pay with your Mastercard. Use code MCSPRING2 at checkout.

  • 61% off the Celebration Collection from Omaha Steaks when you pay with a Mastercard. Use code AE1518 at checkout. It looks like these are $119 so they would be only $46 with the discount; however a minimum purchase of $59 is required, so you'd also have to buy something else. They do have FREE shipping though.

  • A 15% off coupon for any regular priced item at Best Buy (usual exclusions apply). For this one, you have to have the actual physical coupon and it's not valid on online orders or in-stock pickup.
Kmart Rewards Card

I *finally* got my Shop Your Way Rewards card from Kmart\Sears, after I applied at the beginning of February (hoping it would be here in time for the double coupon event earlier this month.) So much for that idea. ;-)


I got a ton of rebate checks in the mail this week: Olay, Kotex, flower purchase and some others that I've already filed, cashed and forgotten about. A couple for DBF came back with problems and I checked and they were filed correctly. So now I have to spend time arguing with them. This is exactly why I make copies of everything before I send it off. I swear, I think the rebate thing is a scam and they just try to find reasons to deny them, hoping you'll go away. Maybe I'm just cynical?

So, since I like rebates so much, I also bought a couple of rebate forms off of Ebay and they showed up just in time. Alot of these are beer\liquor rebates but, here in Missouri, we have a law that says they cannot require the liquor purchase. I think Indiana has the same law. Everybody else, you're gonna have to buy the booze!
  • $6.00 rebate for the purchase of hambuger, chicken, buns, condiments, product, garnishments, salty snacks, deli meat, charcoal, lighter fluid, propane, ice, water and coolers. This one is from Natural Light and expires 5/2/10 (postmark by 5/17). Think it may have been easier for them to put what was NOT included? (Ha!) I'm seeing FREE meat with this one.

    BONUS: Included with this were some other coupons and a $6.00 rebate for fresh or frozen seafood. We're not seafood eaters, so I'm going to be posting a quick giveaway for this later today. The rebate expires 5/2/10 but it doesn't have to be postmarked until 5/17, so the winner will have plenty of time to redeem it.

  • $6.00 rebate for a $10.00 purchase of oranges, fresh fruit or produce. This one is courtesy of Shock Top and expires 5/2.

  • $5.00 off a $5.05 chicken purchase from Magic Hat, expires 4/30/10. Must be postmarked by 5/15.


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