Koupon Karma

It could be coupon fairies, karma, a blessing from God, or just plain old good luck o' the Irish (as my family would put it). I'm going to think of it as the Universe smiling on me this weekend. First, I discovered after we got home that the cashier hadn't rung up one of my 4 papers. Then, as I was going through them and pulling out the inserts, I discovered that I had multiples in each paper! So I ended up with 5 Smart Source and 7 Red Plum inserts. It's not as good as "doing the pork chop dance" in Price Chopper after finding 50 cent family packs of chops (yes, I have done this!), but small things like this make me smile.

What made you smile recently?


Anonymous said...

I found a Bertolli lasagna at Walgreens priced at $2.19 even though it was in the ad for $5.99. Little things like that make me happy :)

ThriftyPuppy said...

Woohoo! That's a great score on Bertolli, which we absolutely LOVE. Talk about a cheap and easy meal...

Jen said...

Getting my first MIR checks, (27.00, 5.00 and 2.39 so far!)

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