A Look Back at March

So my goal for March was to "get back in the game" and take advantage of more rebates and freebie deals. I still have a huge stockpile to donate, although my hunny has gone through and catalogues it all for me. (Can you believe what a sweetie he is?!)

The only bad part is that our numbers are skewed for March because we did the freezer deal at Hy-Vee AND we bought the world's largest mountain of dog food because it was 65% off at Hy-Vee ($5.88 for a 20 lb bag). You can see one of our trips in the pic above. Somebody passed me as I was loading it into my Jeep and he said "wow! just how many dogs do you have?!" I just chuckled...

Total Retail of Groceries\Merchandise: $1,224.08
Total Out-of-Pocket: $301.65
Rebates received: $70.00

Total Saved: 75.4%

I'm not super-happy that our OOP was so high, but 75% off is nothing to sneeze at. My goal for April is to get those donations cleared out of the house, get my taxes done and start paying off our mortgage. I want to be completely debt free so that we don't have to worry about anything!

How'd you do in March?


slugmama said...

So what if taking advantage of the dog food deal puts your OOP a bit higher. Not having to buy dog food at retail for umpteen months will be a nice bonus as the result, right?
It's all good!
And 75% savings is great!!

Short On Cents said...

Just stopping by to say it's always nice to find fellow Missouri bloggers (not many around) Glad I found your blog.

Alex M said...

You always do well, so your extra spending this month, will pay off next.

But if you can, try to either store those bags in air-tight containers, or get the into a freezer.

While we went "over" in March that was due to a few necessities we had forgotten to plan for (heartworm test and meds for our dog).

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