*NEW* Price Chopper Reward Program

It's finally here! Not only has Price Chopper revamped their website, but they've also finally released the details on their new rewards program and it looks great!

Starting today, you'll be able to stop by tables setup in the Price Chopper stores and replace your existing Chopper Shopper card with a new one just like the one above. All of your information will automatically be scanned onto the new card for you, so no paperwork is needed. The good news is that the new card will have ALOT more features other than just the price discounts that the old card gave us.

So What are the New Features?

  1. The ability to put coupons on your card! That means no more clipping, sorting and filing those paper coupons (at least not some of them). Once you get your new card, go to the Price Chopper site, click on "My Rewards" and register. You'll need your card number to do this.

    Once you've registered, there will be both manufacturer AND store coupons available on the Price Chopper website and, when you log into "My Rewards" on the site, you can select which coupons you want added to your card. That's it! Then, when you checkout, you'll scan your card (just like normal) and the system will automatically check for those coupons that match your purchases and deduct them - automatically!

  2. Earn rewards. Price Chopper is expanding where you can use your Chopper Shopper card to save by partnering with local merchants to offer discounts for cardholders. There's a complete list of rewards in the stores, but here are some examples:

    • Hereford House & – FREE appetizer when you purchase 2 entrees (up to $10.00 value)
    • A.B. May – $20.00 off of any service call
    • BB’s Lawnside BBQ – buy 1 regular price sandwich and receive 50% off a 2nd sandwich
    • Westlake Ace Hardware - 20% off all GE light bulbs

  3. More in-store specials! Starting April 21st, there will be in-store specials that you can get only by using your card. Starting April 21st, you will find special deals indicated by this logo in the store.

    Here are some examples of some of the specials that you'll see starting April 21st:

    • Keebler Fudge Shoppe Cookies, 8.5 to 15 oz, buy 5 and get one FREE
    • Dannon Activia yogurt 4-pack, buy 5 and get 1 FREE
    • Dole salad blend kits, 5 to 14.2 oz, buy 5 and get 1 FREE

  4. Earn rewards points for purchases and get paid to shop! You'll earn points based on your purchase of designated products and your card will keep track of these for you. The number of points you earn for each purchase will be listed on the receipt. The points you earn in one period will be redeemable as money off your purchase in the next period. For example, the first period is running from April 19th to June 22nd. Let's say you earn 10 points during that time period. On June 23rd (the start of the next period), those 10 points will be "unlocked" and will automatically be deducted as $10.00 off your purchase. No coupons to worry about, no receipts to keep track of and it couldn't be easier!

    Here is how the points and "cash off purchases" matchup:
    • 500 points = $10.00 off
    • 750 points = $20.00 off
    • 1000 points = $30.00 off
    • 1500 points = $50.00 off

    Please note that the "cash off" credit can not be used on liquor, tobacco, pharmacy, lottery, lotto, postage stamps, gift cards, money orders, tax or other service items. If you don't use all of your credit in one transaction, the balance will stay on your card until your next trip. It must, however, be used during the redemption period or you will lose it.
Personally, I'm excited about the ability to load coupons on my card. I'm not sure about having to remember redemption periods and I also think maybe those "buy 5 get 1 FREE" might not be something I would use. I rarely buy that much of anything at Price Chopper because their deals aren't that great. But I'm holding out hope.

What do YOU think about the new rewards program?


CJ said...

Just found your blog (curiously, googling the mini mineolas on sale this week at Hen House!) and it's great! I've backed off of couponing some as I've been really focusing on unprocessed foods and trying to work more organics into my diet, but i will definitely be stopping by to check out your deals!

Do you think the new PC card will work like the Dillons card, where you can use both a loadable coupon and a paper coupon on an item? When I make Dillons runs to Lawrence or Leavenworth, I can get some really amazing deals this way!

ThriftyPuppy said...

Hi, CJ! Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment. I'm happy to have you join us.

I don't have a Dillons nearby, so I'm not familiar with their program. I suspect we'll be allowed to use 1 manufacturer coupon AND 1 store coupon on an item, so if you had the store Q on the card and a manufacturer Q clipped from the newspaper, it should work. I doubt that we can use 2 manufacturer Q's together though. I'm excited to find out more about this, so I'm heading out to get my new card this afternoon. I'm hoping that there is more info on the website once you register your card.

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