Newton Nom Noms from Nabisco

It's the Fig Newton's birthday today and here's another Facebook offer from Nabisco for $1.00 off a package of Fig Newtons (click on "Newton's B-Day"). Offer is valid through 4/30/2010 or until all 100,000 coupons have been printed. We should be able to use these on the smaller 5 or 6 oz packages somewhere (Walgreens or CVS?) and get them FREE to close to it.

Okay, if we all get fat from all these cookie freebies and coupons, then it's Nabisco's fault. This is second one today and like the 500th cookie deal from them that I've posted about (at least it feels like it!) And, looking at that picture, I had no idea there were different varieties of Fig Newtons - did you?


ThriftyPuppy said...

Doh! Just printed this and there is no size restriction. Also just saw that the smaller packs will be $1.00 at CVS next week so you'll get them FREE. Don't forget to print 2 copies!

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