A Peek at 2 Coupon Inserts this Weekend

According to the Coupon Insert Schedule, there are going to be 2 inserts in this weekend's paper: 1 RedPlum and 1 Smart Source.

As always, your coupons may differ because some coupons are regional - you might get a $0.55 off while I might get a $1.00 off 2 for some products. In addition, some newspapers are no longer including the RedPlum inserts (find out why by clicking here.)

The coupons this weekend look about as exciting as the deals for next week (which isn't saying much), but I did see a couple of Q's that we'll probably see deals on at either CVS, Target or Walgreens:

  • Glade Relaxing Moments products including 9.7oz Sprays, 4oz jar candles or PlugIns Scented Oils, save $2.00 off 2 (expires 5/22)

  • Scrubbing Bubbles Power Sprayer Starter, save $5.00 (expires 6/6)
    **I could have sworn there was a deal coming up on these next week, but can't find it now

  • Trident Superpack Gum, save $1.00 (expires 6/5) (DBF's favorite gum!)

  • Ziploc brand Slider Bags, buy one get one FREE up to $2.19 (expires 6/5)
    **Use this on the $0.99 Ziplocs at Hyvee this weekend!

  • Listerene antiseptic mouthwash, Reach toothpaste or Reach floss or Reach floss Access flosser, save $2.00 off 3

  • Buy Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet cleaning gel and get 1 Fresh Brush 2-in-1 Starter Kit FREE

  • Visine, save $2.00


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