Redbox: Rent 3 Movies and Get a 4th FREE

This is an interesting offer from Redbox - I wonder if they are starting to look at a loyalty program, since the free movie rental codes are starting to get harder to find.

Rent 3 Redbox movies between April 14th and 30th and Redbox will email you a code on May 7th for a FREE rental that you can use anytime in May. You must use the same credit card for all 4 rentals so they can keep track of how many you've rented and (of course) provide your email so they can send you the free movie code. Please note that only paid rentals apply for this deal, so using the free movie codes will not qualify.

Speaking of free movie codes....many of these are still working. You can use the following codes (usable one time only per credit\debit card:

  • ACME25REDBOX (first time customers)
  • DVDATWAG (Walgreens only)
  • 42HY4V83 (Hyvee only - expires 4/18!)
  • DVDKROG (Kroger only)
And if you still need another can also text "FIT" to 414141 and get a free movie rental code sent to your cell phone.


Annie Jones said...

Drats! I tried the 42HY4V83 code about an hour ago at our Hy-Vee and it told me it was invalid. I tried it twice, but it wouldn't work.

I have a new bank account, though, so I was able to use both DVDONME and BREAKROOM with the new debit card. :)

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