Saying Goodbye to My Digital Past

If you've been with me for awhile, you may have seen me mention that DBF and I are both "computer people" in real life - actually, we both hunt down hackers for a living. So it shouldn't be surprising to hear that we have a ton of old crappy computer equipment hiding in the depths of our house. When I heard that Surplus Exchange was hosting events where you could drop off old electronic relics to be recycled, I just couldn't pass up putting "clean up the basement" on the hunny-do list.

The picture doesn't do this pile justice - there's a 15+ year old tube TV behind that 80-pound laser printer. *sniff* My laser printer that I now have to replace because it permanently thinks there is a paper jam. And it's cheaper to replace it with a new printer than to pay to get it fixed. Which really ticks me off because it was a present from DBF when I was working on my MBA and I bet the darn thing doesn't have more than 1000 pages on it. On the plus side, though, the room looks bigger with it gone and now I can get an all-in-one. (Ha!) Anyway, there's about 12 years of computer history in this picture.

When we got to the drop-off location, it was pouring down rain. That actually worked to our advantage, I think, because the kids unloading the vehicles just grabbed everything and told us to go. We should have had to pay for the monitors and TV, so that saved us about $40.00. Why do they charge for those? Because they have metals in them that have to be recovered safely to prevent them from polluting the landfills. That's why you should never put this stuff in the garbage.

Just a reminder: it's important to physically remove the hard drives from your computers and printers (some have hard drives) or securely wipe the drives before you donate, sell or recycle. Deleting is NOT ENOUGH to erase your personal data. For more information, see my post here or leave a comment if you have a question about how to do this. I'd be happy to help!


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