I Finally Got a CVS Survey!

I have a sinful confession to make...I have been secretly coveting all of those Extra Care Bucks that other couponers have been getting for completing surveys for the CVS Advisor Panel. But, after a year and a half of waiting, I finally got picked for one!

If you've got a CVS Extra Care Card, you can sign up for the Advisor Panel here for FREE (you'll need your card number to sign up). What the heck is it? The CVS Advisor Panel sends surveys to panel members approximately four times per year to collect feedback regarding CVS stores, products, and services including the Extra Care Card program. In exchange for that feedback, survey participants are rewarded with ECB's.

The survey I completed only took a minute or so and CVS emailed me a $2.00 printable ECB for my time. I've heard of other folks getting $10.00 or $15.00 in ECB's for longer surveys, but I suspect mine was only $2.00 because it was so short. But, hey....$2.00 more in the monthly budget and I'm not going to cry about that.


CJ said...

I got a survey right after I signed up last Dec and have been wanting another one!

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