Smart Stockpiler or Insane Couponer?

You're looking at 13 boxes of 100 coffee filters - enough to last 3 and 1/2 years!

It all started a couple of weeks ago when Price Chopper had Melitta coffee filters on sale for just $1.00. DBF can't function without coffee in the morning and it seems he's always "almost out of coffee filters, honey!" and, dangit, I didn't get the $1.00 coupon in the 3/28 SS. So I was really bummed when I saw that sale.

The only good thing was that the shelves were wiped out, so we were able to get a raincheck. And the super-nice lady at Customer Service was nice enough to write us a raincheck for an UNLIMITED amount of any Melitta filter product from 40 to 200-count. So I drove home at 90 miles an hour to order the coupons from Coupon Dede (thank you!) I ordered 30 coupons (they expire May 31st) and got them promptly 2 days later. Why only 13 boxes in the picture? That's all they had. But, again, the nice lady at Customer Service informed me that they'll have some on the truck that will be here on Wednesday. If I buy the other 17, I will never have to buy another coffee filter for another 8.2 years!

It's a good thing Coupon Contessa posted over the weekend about other ways to use these - did you know they are great for cleaning your windows?

Okay, 'fess up....have you ever gone crazy and bought too much of something? Leave a comment!


Misty said...

My husband thought I was nuts getting all of the theraflu and triaminic last year from Walgreens. I tried to explain that every time I bought some, they gave me an extra $5 in register rewards and it was effectively a $5 money maker. I ended up with over 100 boxes of different types of cough, cold and flu medicine. Luckily the food bank was happy to take it for me. Guess hungry people get sick too.

ThriftyPuppy said...

Holy smokes! That is ALOT of cough medicine!

Anonymous said...

I've have frequent bouts of insanity. It's hard to reign myself in when something is free or less than free and I have the Q's to get it. Even when I don't need that many I keep thinking of all the people who could use the item and how it feels almost like a crime not to get the items for free to share with others. But really I think that is just an excuse my coupon addicted brain has cooked up!

Like Misty I went a bit crazy on the Theraflu deal though I think I "only" ended up with somewhere in the neighborhood of 50-60 of those, but then I went to town on the Bayer Contour's which were moneymakers at Wags as well. Between special orders and driving to nearly every Wags in town to purchase 1/2-2/3rds of the shelves at each store, I ended up with well over 100 of them. The extra RR's sure helped with Christmas presents and a friend of mine with a non-profit for elderly was thrilled to take them.

I also sweet talked a Wags manager into pre-ordering in 200 bottles of the Purex when it was on sale BOGO with a BOGO mfg Q making all 200 bottles FREE! Not sure how many years that would last but again I gave a lot to other people and tried to only keep about 1-1/2 yr's supply for myself.

More recently I've also bought over 150 asst packs of GE light bulbs for free from Target after Q's and just this weekend the Boys went out of town camping and I spent a marathon day going to and from various Targets and my house purchasing 110 12 packs of Mountain Dew at $1 each after Q's.

- D

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