Happy National Donut Day! (June 4th)

Whoever thought up this holiday is a sheer genius. :-)

Today is National Donut Day and lots of favorite donutmakers are making our lives a little sweeter by giving away those little circles of sweet numminess.

As with all freebie giveaways, not all stores may be participating, so I recommend that you call ahead.

p.s. Here's a little on the history of Donut Day: according to Lamar's website, the Chicago Salvation Army started in 1938 to honor the "lassies" of World War I - women volunteers who served donuts to soldiers behind the front lines in France. Donuts were chosen as a treat for the soldiers due to the difficulty of providing freshly-baked goods near the front lines. According to popular legend, the donuts were made with leftover ingredients and a wine bottle for a rolling pin. They were cooked in oil inside a soldier's helmet. The donuts were such a hit that the lassies produced thousands of donuts around the clock. And that tradition has been celebrated ever since!


djsmokybacon said...

Jellies are good.

Love, Finn

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